Start Right Where You Are


Because YES, You Can…
Do anything you want to do and have anything you want to have.


NOT by using “magical thinking” or by writing out pie-in-the-sky affirmations.

That stuff doesn’t work.

Start Right Where You Are is about (gently) getting you to ACT DIFFERENTLY.

And I know you can do it: because I’ve helped thousands of people get moving on their dreams.

More than that, I’ve done it for myself. I got to know and embrace the Real Me.

​I want that for you too.

The Start Right Where You Are Program Includes 6 Downloadable Audio Sessions

So You Can Take the Baby-Steps-That-Are-Actually-Quantum-Leaps

Step 1: The Unexpected Secret to Figuring Out Where to Start
Step 2: How to Tune In and Learn to Trust Your Intuition
Step 3: How to Find the Courage to NOT Quit When You’re Halfway Through
Step 4: How To Clear Clutter The EASY Way – Once And For All
Step 5: How to Take Joyful, Meaningful Action (Even When You’re Petrified)
Step 6: You Have To Do It By Yourself But You Don’t Have To Do It Alone — How To Find Your Tribe